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Character Info
Troy Trueheart
Occupation Officer NYPSD, Cop Central
Gender Male
Birthdate c. 2037
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Age 23 (as of 2060)
Hair color
Eye color
Married/Single Single
Spouse/Sig Other n/a
First appeared in Conspiracy in Death


Introduced in Conspiracy in Death working Homicide-Lite with Ellen Bowers.


  • Described as very young, with guileless eyes; All-American looking with long legs; about as grim as a cocker spaniel puppy
  • Caucasian with pale skin; "Very cute"
  • An All-American boy, cute as a button in his summer blues.<ref>Remember When (ISBN 0-425-19547-3), p. 310</ref>
  • Young and studly<ref>Strangers in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15470-6), p. 42</ref> with a young hero face.<ref>Strangers in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15470-6), p. 292</ref> He is sweet and hunky.<ref>Promises in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15548-2), p. 243</ref>


  • Earnest
  • He raises his hand like he's in class.<ref>Remember When (ISBN 0-425-19547-3), pp. 324, 425</ref>
  • Trueheart, according to Baxter, is a sweet kid.<ref>Divided in Death (ISBN 0-425-19795-6), p. 169</ref>
    • Eager beaver; young but steady, with a good eye. He'd lost a lot of the green he'd had on him when Eve had first seen him on scooper detail.<ref>Strangers in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15470-6), p. 146</ref>
    • As of June 2060, he was described as young and slightly seasoned.<ref>Kindred in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15595-6), p. 116</ref>
  • He blushes<ref>Promises in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15548-2), p. 247</ref>
    • According to Roarke, he almost glows in the dark when he blushes.<ref>Promises in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15548-2), p. 291</ref>
  • Baxter said his boy, Trueheart, is a real gentleman.<ref>Kindred in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15595-6), p. 176</ref>


  • Mother: Pauline Trueheart, single parent (tall and slim). Trueheart's father abandoned his family when Troy was a child.<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 298</ref>


Interesting Facts[edit]

  • In January 2059, Trueheart states he has been out of the academy for three months,<ref>Conspiracy in Death (ISBN 0-425-16813-1), p. 16</ref> placing his graduation as October or November of 2058 (if the Academy runs a two-year program – Conspiracy in Death – Trueheart would have joined at about age 20/21 as he is twenty-two years old in Witness in Death (late March 2059).<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 248</ref>
  • He is shot and wounded in Witness in Death<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 245</ref> – injuries include gash along the thing and spinal injuries from which he full recovered
  • In Witness in Death (late March, 2059), Trueheart thanked Dallas for her assistance in having him transferred from stiff-scooping detail to Central.<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 191</ref>
  • When he was included in the pursuit of Kenneth Stiles, he was in heaven since he was after a murder suspect with Dallas (he thought she was amazing).<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 241</ref>
  • He was given the game Super Street Fighter by Peabody and Dallas while he was in the hospital.<ref>Witness in Death (ISBN 0-425-17363-1), p. 295</ref>
  • Right handed
  • Lives thirty-six blocks from Roarke's mansion.
  • Baxter becomes Trueheart's trainer in Purity in Death.
  • In Vegas, he won over five thousand dollars on a slot called Pirate Quest.<ref>Promises in Death (ISBN 978-0-399-15548-2), p. 291</ref>