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Posted 05 September 2008 - 03:02 AM

Welcome! Thank You for joining us here on InDeath.net.

Your Moderation Team (and everyone here on the forum) are happy to have new members. With new members comes new opinions, new ideas, and new people to share them with.

But we know that as a new member, you might not "know the ropes," so this thread will hopefully help you understand the workings of the board. We hope that the more you understand the rules and protocols of the board, the more comfortable you will be in jumping in and participating.

Since you probably want to jump in right away, and nobody likes lengthy explanations of rules anyway, we will try to keep this brief:

1) Search is your friend. InDeath.net has been around for over TEN years, and as you can imagine, we've discussed just about everything under the sun in that time. BUT, that doesn't mean you can't add something interesting or start a new topic of discussion. We just ask you to please do a thorough search first for an existing topic before starting a new one. The search feature can be tricky, even for seasoned members, so please see our forum topic: SEARCH!! for tips on how to do a search successfully.

2) Always look for forum rules before you post. Some of the forums have specific rules which will be posted at the top of the forum. Please read them carefully and follow them. If you have a question, feel free to ask a moderator.

3) Spell check when possible, especially character names! Most of the new browsers have built in spell checking. If you aren't sure if yours does, or how to use it, you can ask a member here. Many of our members are more than willing to help you out with technical questions. For character names, please consult the following list for correct spellings of some of the most commonly misspelled names:
  • Eve
  • Roarke
  • Peabody
  • McNab
  • Feeney
  • Summerset
4) The subject of Eve and Roarke having a baby is a touchy one, and should be approached with caution. Before posting on this subject please read the following direct quote from Nora Roberts:

"Eve is physically capable of having children. She is not, at this time, emotionally capable.

Pregnancy scares or miscarriages are not, and will never be on the drawing board. I like soaps as much as the next guy, but that's not what I'm writing in this case.

Eve and Roarke having kids is not in the cards at this point in the series, or in the forseeable future of it. That includes adopting a baby, an older kid, taking in a teen, etc, etc. Because it's simply a fact that children change everything. Wonderfully, beautifully, but lives change with parenthood, and they should. I'm not ready to change the tone of the series.

A child should become the focus of your life as a parent. A child is the center of it. I have strong feelings on this as a mother, and as a writer.

And before it comes up again , NO, they can't have one then let Summerset raise it. What would be the point of having a child then giving the bulk of the responsibility and joy of that child to another?

I believe Eve and Roarke will one day have children--when the series changes dramatically or is winding down. Once they do, it'll never be the same, never have the same dynamics, focus or tone. It can't."

Many of us on this forum feel this is the final word on this subject. We ask you to also treat it as such.

5) We have a forum here specifically for "Spoilers." That means that in the "Spoiler Forum" we will discuss upcoming books in detail if we have that information. Often, that information will be out there in plain sight. For that reason, to access this "Spoiler Forum," you need a password. The password for the spoiler forum is simply: spoiler

PLEASE NOTE: The general rule for "spoilers" is that any post that has anything to do with a new book not released yet is a spoiler, and must go in the spoiler forum. Any discussion of books released within the last year must also go into the spoiler forum. Any discussion of a book that has been out for at least a year can go into the regular forum, but please use your discretion when posting anything "critical" to the main plot (for example, who the killer is) and please put anything you may think might give too much away into a spoiler tag.

That having been said, if you're a new member, please know that books more than one year old WILL be discussed in the main forum, and information about them may not be in a spoiler tag. So, it's possible if you're just starting the series, that some information will be spoiled for you. We apologize for this, but there is really no way we can keep everything about every book for the last decade a secret from everyone.

6) We have a ranking system here, and the more ON TOPIC posts you make, the higher you will go in ranking. For more on ranks, please see the Post Count and Ranking section of the Help files.

7) Please feel free to utilize the Wiki when you have questions! Our Wiki system (the link is also located at the top of each page) is an extremely useful and valuable tool. You would be surprised how much you can learn by searching the Wiki! It's the "One Stop Shop" for everything having to do with the "In Death" series.

8) There is a BAN on discussions of Politics and Religion on this forum. If there are two things people get extra-passionate about (besides the "In Death" Series), it would be politics and religion. We all seem to have very strong feelings where those subjects are concerned. So, it's hard to be "diplomatic" and not have hurt feelings when discussing those topics. For that reason, we have banned any discussions of Politics and Religion here.

9) We encourage your Fan Fiction Stories. Many of our members here like to try their hand at writing "Fan Fiction" stories about the "In Death" characters. We encourage this, but ask that you follow the rules we have set for Fan Fiction. Please read our Fan Fiction Guidelines by clicking here. Then, when you are ready to post your fan fiction story, Please see the instructions on how to post by clicking here. If you just like to read and comment, that's ok too. We have many stories to choose from both in our Fan Fiction section, and in our Fan Fiction Archives.

10) Lastly, sometimes it happens that moderators need to correct members or re-state the rules. Mostly we try to be diplomatic, sometimes we fail at that. Please do not get offended if you find yourself being corrected by a moderator. We are not trying to personally attack you or make you feel unwelcome, we're just trying to do our jobs as moderators. If you have a problem with any decision or post any moderator has made, please do not hesitate to go to any one of the other moderators and say something. The other mods really will listen to you and try to help you with your problem. That's our job, too.[/indent]

Remember, both Search and Help are there to serve you. If you utilize them, you'll find that you'll rarely need a moderator's help. But, if you happen to have any questions about the above rules and/or protocols, please don't hesitate to talk to a moderator.

For a list of moderators click here, or go to the front page, scroll to the bottom and look under "Site Statistics"

Thanks, and again, Welcome! We hope you'll grow to love this site as much as we all do!

Your InDeath.net Moderation Team.

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