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Posted 25 April 2004 - 12:59 AM

Ranks are the badges that appear right under your username and avatar (if you have one). You get your rank and move up in rank according to how many ON TOPIC posts you have made on the forum. Ranking on this site goes in order of actual NYPD police ranks and are as follows:

0-49 Posts: Civilian
50-99 Posts: Traffic Cop
100-199 Posts: Rookie
200-399 Posts: Officer
400-599 Posts: Detective
600-999 Posts: Sergeant
1000-1999 Posts: Lieutenant
2000-2999 Posts: Captain
3000-3999 Posts: Deputy Inspector
4000-9999 Posts: Inspector
10,000+ Posts: Deputy Chief

Ranks will be adjusted or changed as the webmistress deems necessary. (i.e. new ranks added, etc.)

Those people who have been chosen to help out in moderating the forum are automatically elevated to "Chief" status.

In order to achieve a certain rank, you MUST post in "On Topic" threads. Any "Off Topic" posts you make will NOT count toward your rank. This includes most topics under "Off Topic" including any game threads. The "Nora" forum WILL count toward your rank as that is still technically "On Topic" and "Other Authors" forum WILL count toward your rank, as that is at least book-related. All other "Off Topic" posts WILL NOT.

The reason for this is twofold. a) for some reason there will always be those who will post indescriminately in "Off Topic" threads solely for the purpose of boosting their post count and making rank faster. Seems silly, but it does happen. Other boards have opted to take away ranks and post counts completely....We've decided not to go that far. We'd just like this site to stay "On Topic" as much as possible. So, b) the other reason we are discluding "Off Topic" posts from overall post count is to encourage you to stay on topic as much as possible. This is an "In Death" site, and people come here to discuss this series....not to talk about tv shows or tell jokes or whatever. So, as long as you stay on topic, your post count will grow. If you come here and make nothing but "Off Topic" posts, your post count will remain unchanged.

In addition, there is a minimum 200 character limit for On Topic posts to count. In other words, for your On Topic post to count towards advancing your post count and rank, your post must be a minimum of 200 characters long. That's about 2 full sentences. So, if you make a post in the On Topic forum, and the post only says something like "I agree" or "Me, Too," it will not count.

The reason for this is simple: I want to reward people for meaningful, ON TOPIC posts. It's really not all that difficult to make a post of 200+ characters. That's, like, two full sentences. If you can't manage to make any on topic posts more than two sentences ever, then really...do you deserve the same post count as someone who writes a paragraph or more every post?

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