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A day in the Life of Galahad by darling1
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A day in the Life of Galahad by darling1
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Author's Notes:
Eve and Roarke are always wondering what their cat does during the day this is what I think he is upto.


12:00 am

      The fat gray cat Galahad was sleeping on Eve’s sleep chair thinking that it was a relief to him that the man was home because the last three days had been monstrous for him.  What with my lady always thrashing about and disturbing his sleep.  Granted his job is to protect her from the monsters that made her scream at night.  If it was up to him he would forbid the man from leaving her; but what could he do.  Besides if he didn’t leave how he could pretend to be angry so he could get that delicious tuna, shrimp, and bacon slices yum.

3:00 am

            What a nice nap that was I think I’ll go check on my people to make sure that nothing has disturbed my lady.  I can still remember when I chose her to protect after the other one, Georgie (from Naked in Death) was taken away, but I digress.  You know I never thought that I had to protect her from the same nasty man who stepped on my tail I still feel the pain.  I must get over that it however it did get me to this nice place with all the tuna I can eat.  Oh, oh I must hurry my lady is starting to thrash and the man is not moving fast enough for my tastes.  I begin to push my head against her hand gradually moving up to head when she rouses to reward me by stroking my fur and promising me cream once she gets up later.  Since the man has also awakened me get more strokes from him until he decides to stroke my lady so I decide to explore my home which I allow them to live in.

6:00 am

            My man person has awoken I follow him into the room where he runs, and I don’t know why gets into the water.  Water is bad for you I don’t know how they can stand it.  Once he gets out he goes once again to the water where he dry’s and dresses for the day.  It is now time for him to sit and I make him pay attention to me since he can do both things at once.  I enjoy his long hands and how they move along my back I reward him with loud purring.  During our time my lady has woken.  Boy is she funny grumbling and stumbling to once again to the deadly water I don’t understand these humans.  But I digress again.  Now my favorite time of the day food, food, food.  Today the man is getting it oh boy bacon, sausage, eggs for them (I will steal some later) and for me kibble, tuna, and of course the promised cream (yum, yum).  I slyly move on the floor after eating my breakfast move to see if I can get to my prey of bacon and sausage.  Oh, oh I have been spotted I must play possum.  I won my lady has left and there is bacon and some eggs in her area I must get it before the man notices, he leaves me nothing.  I must take a nap it has been a busy day so far.

10:00 am

            The man has left I will find the other he will give lunch.  I wonder to the kitchen to what he is going to give me.  “Hello, Galahad and what are you doing today” This from Summerset.  “Shall we go to the garden and watch the birds and smell the flowers.” The two secret friends move outside for their morning constitutional.  Galahad runs around chasing bugs and having a grand old time.  This excise is tiring he must find a place to rest.  He finds Summerset and jumps into his lap where he is petted and begins another nap.  “Come on Galahad we shall go in it looks like rain.” Galahad jumps and runs towards the house water is dangerous I must hide.

12:00 pm

            Galahad once again heads to the kitchen for visit with his other human it is time for food.  He began to meow at Summerset who complies by giving him kibble, tuna, and yum more cream.  My other man has a ham sandwich, patatoe salad, milk (I will try to steal some later).  Unfortunately I am unsuccessful I will wait for my lady she will feed me.  “Galahad shall we go outside again it is no longer raining.”  We go outside where I once again chase the bugs until I am tired.  I jump on my other man’s lap where I am petted.  Oh no I hear something like water I must hide.

2:00 pm

            I am alone my other man has left me alone. I will climb on my tree that my lady gave me for Christmas it is fun.  You go high and then you jump down.  I think I need a nap I will go to my ladies room and sleep in her chair.

4:00 pm

            I hear something I shall investigate.  My other man is here and so is my young man who I shall allow to visit with my glorious self.  I think I shall go with the young one I have not seen him forever.  The young man heads to the secret room I follow him.  I let him pet me since he doesn’t pay attention to me I go to the door and meow he opens the door and lets me out.  I shall find the other man he will pay attention to me.  I need a snack maybe some cream.  The other man has fulfilled my wish.  I stay in his room where we listen to music and I chase the ball that we have.  I am tired I must take a nap.  I will go to my lady’s room.

7:00 pm

            Finally my lady has arrived.  She has been gone to long, I think that she will be sleeping soon I shall be on guard duty.  I wonder where the young man is.  My old man is doing his duty in talking to her.  I think that this is strange but I am not human.  My lady has gone up the stairs to her bedroom I shall race her to the bed.  I win I need to sleep.  My lady crawls onto the bed where she falls asleep almost immediately.  She begins to whimper I shall wake her now because my young man is not here to protect her.  “I’m okay, thank you Galahad.” Eve told the purring cat. “I need coffee would you like anything; I know how about some pizza.”  Eve programmed some pizza and gave Galahad some kibble, cream, and a slice of pizza.  “Don’t tell Roarke I gave you the pizza okay.”

10:00 pm

            It is time to go to sleep I hope that is a easy night. 

Good night until tomorrow.  When I shall do it all again.