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Answer In Death by thebuz
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Answer In Death by thebuz
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The sun was coming up when Eve opened her eyes and the view was breathtaking. Oh the sky was pretty but the man…the man could steal your breath in any light. She watched as the growing light falling from the sky window above their bed played over his magnificent face. It would never feel the same with anyone but him. She could never feel for anyone what she felt for him. It was Roarke and she was fine with that because she knew it was the same for him. They had found each other, one not truly whole without the other. She didn’t question what they brought each other only knew with out a regret that she could not be who she was without it, without him.

She pretended to sleep so she could listen to his steady breathing and the thump of his heart agent her cheek. It was so rare for her to wake before him she intended to take full advantage. She pressed a kiss to his chest right above his heart and worked her way up. Over his collarbone, his neck his jaw, finely finding his mouth and sunk in to wake him with the passion he could ignite in her by simply being.

He knew the texture and taste of her lips. His Eve. The shape and feel of her hands. His Eve. The shape of her under his hands. His Eve. She was his salvation, his answer to a question he had not asked himself till he looked into her tawny whiskey colored eyes. The best part of all was he knew he was hers as well. He let her lead him with her lips on his and her hands in his hair for a minute or two more before he flipped her pressing her under his weight, and looking in to those eyes he showed her just how much they needed each other.

After 3 years of marriage Eve figured she had the basics down fairly well. She knew the man lounging beside her better she often thought than she knew the back of her hand. At the moment he was feeling rather smug. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know he had a grin to rival the devils on his magnificent face. He would have one hand under all that black silk supporting his head and the other she could feel around her midsection. It was astonishing what that simple contact could do. It seemed a tingling sensation was radiating from the point where his skin touched hers. Her body was still vibrating from him and she had no idea if her ears would ever stop ringing but she wanted him again. That was the magic of Roarke. She asked herself, not for the first time if the hunger for him would ever be sated then asked herself if she gave a damn. The answer was simply no. What would she do if she stopped wanting him or he stopped wanting her? Thank god she would never have to find out, some flames are never extinguished like the first love and the love of a lifetime. She opened her eyes to look at him and smiled content in the knowledge he was both. Some how every thing about him meshed with everything about her including his body yes it meshed with hers quite nicely. She didn’t have time for a second go around unfortunately. She had to get to work. The dead didn’t stand for themselves. She would have to put aside Eve the women because Dallas Lieutenant Eve was scheduled for duty at 9. She would get in the shower and get ready while he read the stock report then he’d say take care of my cop. She’d go off to fight for justice and he go and run his empire. A routine she must wasn’t all that bad. She looked in to Roarke’s stunning blue eyes and figured Eve had enough time for a shower with her husband.

Even with indulging in a little water sport she sauntered to her offices at central at 8:45. The case she had closed the day before had left her with a mound of paperwork and it had to get taken care of. Cop work wasn’t all high speed chases that end in gunfights like those old vids. A small smile tugged at her lips as she thought of the manner in witch her last case and come to a close. Not only had there been a high speed car chase but the action packed fight had taken place on a roof top. Thank god for the simple things in life.

‘‘Wow’’ snickered Peabody from the doorway, reliable and sturdy as always, no longer in her crisp blues.

"I don’t think I have ever seen you so happy to have a pile of paperwork on your desk sir".

"Wow" Eve mocked.

"Your impression is uncanny Dallas"

"Bite me" Eve retorted.

"Bravo sir I don’t think I’ll ever recover from the whip lash of that witty come back" Peabody said, massaging her neck in fake anguish.

"Being a smart ass is unattractive Peabody and did you ever stop that smart mouth to think I was happy because I have a subordinate for a partner to dump all this paperwork on" Eve sat back in her chair with her hands behind her head and gloated. She had little time to bask in the glow of victory however. A delivery girl showed up with an arrangement of flowers for Eve.

"What the hell" was her only response. Roarke did more than dabble in the extravagant but had yet to take to sending her flower at work. And certainly not this gaudy display. Subtlety was by no means Roarke’s middle name but class dripped from him and everything he did and there was no class in the monstrosity of pink, gold, wicker, and poorly arranged flowers that was presented to Eve. After questioning the terrified delivery girl and finding the arrangement had been dropped off by a shady man and the delivery paid for in cash, Eve had the boom squad have a go at it. It was clean, as well as clean as pink, gold, and wicker could be. She sent the girl to work with Yancie to see if he could peace together an image. All the while desperately trying to hide there was anything suspicious happing from Peabody, terrified she’d tell Roarke. There was a note on plain white paper attached that read, You married a murdering pig. It was signed simply The Answer. It gave Eve the willies.

"You and Roarke get in a fight" Peabody asked "not his usual style but what’s the card say?"

"Nothing, it’s nothing. Lets just get this paperwork filed" Eve said still staring at the note. Who would send this? Who would write that?

"Oh and get rid of that monstrosity it’s not fit to grace side walk city let alone my desk.

Peabody being the dutiful partner did as asked and came back to get to the paperwork piled on her lieutenant’s desk. She was far to distract by her own happiness to question the flowers. She had a sappy grin on her face that showed on sign of dimming even when Eve had them work through lunch.

"Ok I’ll bite, what’s up? You're smiley and happy."

"It’s just my sunny disposition, sir"

"Yeah you’ve got that and it’s a constant annoyance and a bad habit I have yet to break you of. Crushing your separate is a joy but that’s not it. Your usually grumbling with the hunger pains by this time in the day so what gives"

"Ok I was going to invite everyone over to the house and make a you know an announcement, with everyone there and all, but seeing as you’re my partner I suppose it’s ok if I tell you first. … MicNab popped the question, were getting marred." She looked into Eve’s eyes to see the reaction of the women who had trained her and whose approval she needed.

"It’s about damn time" was the only thing Eve could think to say.

"Um yeah it’s been 3 years, it’s going to be a beautiful wedding. I want it all traditional and big and fancy with all the stops.

"Oh god what do I have to do for this thing"

"You know with all the time we spend together on a dally basis and… I respect you and well… your like family to me and MicNab I was wondering if you would…well you know be my matron of honor."

"Does this mean we have to get all mushy and stuff?" Eve asked doing her best to keep the emotion out of her voice.

"Absolutely" answered Peabody going to Eve and dragging her into a fierce hug. Eve hated PDA but she hugged Peabody just as tight.

They worked and talked over the wedding plains and at the end of shift Eve was shocked to find that not only had she not wanted to kill herself she was looking forward to the wedding and even more shocking was she had begun to plan the bachelorette party on the drive home. What the hell was wrong with her? She had been feeling off for the last couple of days, fighting off the bug going around central, but planning a party. She conceded that there might be something medically wrong. A tumor, a hemorrhage, a clot of some sort a frigging heart attract anything.

She was smiling as she pulled thru the gates, It had been her home for 3 years and she still felt that since of wonder when she took the time to look at the place. She drove slowly up the drive taking time to appreciate the beauty that surrounded her every day. She parked her hideous police issue right at the entrance where it would be plainly visible from the street. It pissed Summerset off which was her daily goal. She walked slowly up the steps taking the time to smell the flowers and the freshness of the air that only the wealthy could afford in New York City. It was beautiful, more than she could have hoped for. She some times felt at odds with the grandeur and elegance of Roarke’s world but some how she fit in with the sprawling emerald green lawns the lush foliage and brightly colored flowers. She fit with Roarke and no amount of flora or fauna could change that. God she was getting all sloppy over some dame flowers.

Summerset, in black, was lurking near the stairs when she walked in.

"Lieutenant you failed to inform me as to the time of your arrival again, this is quite offensive" he sneered. She sneered right back at him.

"Yeah well you’ve failed to remove that stick form your ass and your face is quite offensive so I guess that would make us even" was all she could come up with as a wave of nausea washed over her. Damn flu had finely hit her. She was going up stairs working for a few and making it an early night. This flu was taking more out of her than she had suspected. And as she sunk in to her desk chair she felt a fatigue that had her slightly concerned.

"Hello Lieutenant. How’s my cop?" Roarke said from the door jam separating their home offenses. He keep the cocky grin on his face though the look of her sitting in her chair all cop had his mouth going dry with lust.

" Hey ace did you buy any small countries today?"

"No, no small countries today but how do you feel about Russia?" he asked walking to her.

"What! What do you mean how do I feel about Russia?"

"Just a joke darling" he kissed her as he scooped her out of her seat and wrestled with her tell he was in her chair and she was nestled in his lap.

"Oh ha ha slick." She said trying to squirm out of his lap. When he just held her tighter she gave in and put her arms around his neck.

"Peabody and MicNab are getting marred" Eve said after a while of just being together.

"Well that’s wonderful. Our little Peabody’s going to be a wife"

"Yeah she’s all giddy over it. They’re having everyone over to make the announcement next week some time. She asked me to be her matron of honor. I ask you what the hell am I suppose to do. I don’t know the first thing about being a matron of honor. What if I mess it up?"

"You wont mess it up you care for Peabody to deeply and if you do some how mess it up Peabody will forgive you." He comforted.

"Thanks, you all ways know just what to say"

"Yes most of the time I know what to do as well and right now that’s to get you some food." He said, getting up and going to the autochief to plug in his selection.

"You know I think I’ll pass this flu is kicking my ass." She said as he pulled two dishes of chicken and rice out and started in her direction. The smell reached her before he did and the nausea hit again with an intensity it had lacked last time. She was up and running for the bathroom before Roarke could register the chance in her face.

"Eve what’s wrong" he demeaned as he went after her.

"Nothing it just the flu" and with that she was ill only just making it to the toilet in time. When she was empty he helped her to her feet and guided her to the bed. When she was seated in he went to get her some cold medicine but she was already asleep by the time he got back with it.

Eve was jerked out of sleep by the beeping of her communicator. All for the best she figured as she had just been slipping in to an all to familiar nightmare. She had just seen the pulsing red light at the back of her eyes that came from the live sex sing coming in thought the window of the freezing little room. Had just felt the could steal of the knife in her tinny hand. Her arm and just begun to throb where he had broken it. She had just heard the snap of the young bone. Had just begun to feel his filthy hands on her. And the over sweet smell of booze and mints and just begun to seep it’s way up her nose. The satisfying pop of the knife going in to his body over and over had been replaced with the beeping that had woken her. The scream caught in her throat as she fumbled for the communicator.

"Block video" she demanded in a sleepy voice.

"Dispatch Dallas lieutenant Eve, 42 and Broadway The Place hotel, possible homicide. Presence on seen requested."

"Copy that dispatch. Contact Peabody, Detective Della my ETA is 20 minuets" Eve said as she pulled on the clothes Roarke had taken off her while she slept. Why had she been tagged on this she wasn’t on call tell 10.

"Got to go ace, see you" she said in to the dark. But when she bent to kiss his forehead he wasn't there. At work already she supposed. It wasn’t unusual for Roarke to get an early start. It was 7 already and he was probably in the middle of some multimillion-dollar holo conference. So she left him a memo cube. She was out the door 5 minutes after the call had come in and on seen in 15. She pulled her car to the curb of the fancy Hotel. She had been here many times, she was the owner’s wife after all.

She stepped out and was meat by a sleepy eyed Peabody.

"What going on Dallas? Why where we tagged on this?"

"What do you say we oh I don’t know go be detectives and find out." Eve sneered as she walked into the lobby.

"Oh right I forgot you’re not a morning person. And eay what happened to a smart mouth being unattractive" Peabody asked trying to keep up with Eve.

"No one’s a morning person without coffee and if they are I will personally stun them with my own weapon." Eve said before they reached the front desk where they where greeted by a sobbing doorman, manger, and bellboy. They all started talking at ones when they looked up and saw Eve. She spotted a uniform coming towards her and figured she could get a coherent statement out of her and find out what the hell was going on. But as the cop got closer she saw she was going to have no such luck she was crying and babbling just as profusely as the hotel staff.

"Lieutenant… oh god…so sorry…so sorry…so sorry" the women had no other audible words she just keep saying sorry like a chant. Eve grasped her by the collar of her uniform and shuck her firmly.

"what, what are you sorry for, What’s going on".

The cop looked in Eves eyes and simply shuck her head and cried louder.

It was some thing about the way she had looked at Eve that had her heart racing. Something was going on, this was no ordinary murder seen. She slapped the women across the face.

"What the hell? Where is the body? Report officer!"

"The owners penthouse" was the only thing she said before she dissolved in to babbling once more.