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"In Death" The Movie!


Just to remind everyone that the rules of this forum are that when someone starts a thread discussing a certain actor, that actor...and ONLY that actor...should be discussed. I no longer want people interjecting their own favorite actors into every actor thread. If you want to discuss other actors, you can do so by finding a thread that already exists about them, or start your own thread about your favorite if none exists. BUT...please keep comments in all the threads specific to the actor the thread is about. What do you like about that actor for the role? What don't you like about that actor for the role? That's it.

The reason I'm trying to keep things this way is that it starts to get tiresome after awhile when no matter what actor someone brings up, the discussion continually goes back to Hugh Jackman, Pierce Brosnan, someone's husband, boyfriend, son or whoever else. The person who started the thread didn't necessarily start it to talk about all the other actors people like for the role, but to talk about a specific actor that they would like to see in the role. They deserve to have their actor considered....whether positively or negatively....and not overshadowed by other people's choices.


Also, Please do NOT suggest yourself, anyone you are related to, anyone you are in a relationship with or anyone that you are personally acquainted with for any part as any "In Death" character. Actual working actors and actresses only, please.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

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